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25 January 2011 @ 06:48 pm
/rant post + tumblr fun!  
Just wanted to apologize, guys, for not updating in so long! I've got an uber abundance of Harry Potter icons and a couple wallpaps, a PSD or two, but MY STUPID LAPTOP CRASHED AND (while I had everything backed up, luckily) I AHVE TO USE MY MOM'S ANCIENT CONTRAPTION JUST TO GET ON LIVEJOURNAL and it's wayyy too hard trying to upload on this comp :P So sorry! When my lappy gets fixed, you'll have a field day, I swear ^^

Another thing--anyone have a Tumblr? I have just discovered it and man, this place is the bomb! I'm accioremus if any of you wanna follow (: I fb, don't worry!

Current Music: TheLongest Night - Howie Day